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Optimizing Performance of Refrigeration System at Trans-Critical Working Of Co2

Today people across the globe are aware and concerned about the global climatic change like Global warming & rise in the average temperature of earth. Refrigeration system across the globe contribute significantly in energy consumption, ozone depletion & global warming .With the aim of decreasing the energy consumption and refrigerant emission, a new concept of refrigeration system with CO2(Carbon di-oxide) as a refrigerant has been developed and it is promising to become a high potential next generation refrigerant for refrigeration system. This work is to evaluate a new refrigerant application in refrigeration system under different aspects; energy performance, GWP, ODP and economic efficiency. CO2 has high potential to become a next generation refrigerant in refrigeration system, however, because of its trans-critical working, its application can be restricted in the regions of warm climate. Keywords: Trans-Critical, CO2, Refrigerant, Refrigeration System