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Characterization of River Brahmaputra Bed Materials

The bed material from Brahmaputra river have never been explored nor studied for the useful purpose in construction of housing, boundary walls, foundation etc. The characterization of Brahmaputra Sand is of prime importance since it can be used for various construction works and highways, airfields and helipads projects. The investigation reported herein presents a study of characterization of Brahmaputra Sand collected from the different locations during its course from Eastern to Western stream in the state of Assam. All the California Bearing Ratio tests were conducted at maximum dry density and optimum moisture content as arrived from Standard Proctor Test. The main objective of this experimental study was to classify these valuable river bed materials so that largely and cheaply available Brahmaputra sand can be used as an alternative material for various construction purposes. Index Terms Alternative, Brahmaputra, California Bearing Ratio, Characterization, Maximum Dry Density, Optimum Moisture.