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IASS: An Improved Authentication Using Secret Sharing Based on Hadoop

In today’s modern world with high tech technology everyone prefer to store their Personal data in the Cloud which may has account numbers, passwords and other important information that could be used and misused by a miscreant, a opponent, or a court of law. These data are retrieved, copied, and archived by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), often without users’ permission and control. Self-destructing data plays a vital role in protecting the user data’s privacy. All the data stored at servers and their copies become destructed after a user-specified time, and also this data became unreadable for any user intervention. The decryption key is destructed after the user-specified time that is ttl(time-to-live) field. In proposed scheme, we present self-destructing data system that meets this challenge through a novel integration of secure cryptography techniques with active storage techniques based on ‘hadoop’. We implement a proof-of-concept SeDas prototype. By functionality and security properties evaluate the SeDas prototype, the results conclude that SeDas is practical to use and achieve all the privacy-preserving aims described. Compared to the system without self-destructing data mechanism, performance of uploading and downloading with the proposed SeDas acceptably decreases, while latency for uploading and downloading operations with self-destructing data mechanism increases. Keywords- Active Storage, Cloud Computing, Data Privacy, Self-Destructing Data.