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Variation of Physical Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement With Partial Replacement of Class- F Fly Ash

This paper represents a study on the variation of physical properties of ordinary portland cement with partial replacement of class- F fly ash (Nagoan Paper Mill, Assam). Initially, physical properties such as consistency, setting time and compressive strength (at 3,7 and 28 days) are determined for a OPC 43 grade cement and comparative study have been made with partial replacement (5-30%) of cement with fly ash . A significant change in compressive strength as well as consistency and setting times of cement with various percentages has been observed. It has been observed that both consistency and setting time increase with increase in fly ash replacement percentages. There is a trend in rising of compressive strength initially with increase in fly ash replacement percentages and then after there is a gradual fall in compressive strength with increase in fly ash percentage with cement. Keywords - OPC, Fly Ash, Setting Time, Compressive Strength.