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Alternative Ways to Capture Solar Energy - A Review of Previous Solar Models and a Study of Spinning Solar Cells

In the world of increasing importance solar and green energy, many revolutionary ideas come and go. Some ideas are practical yet not very efficient while some are very efficient but not practical. The ideas discussed here are leagues and models for other researchers to base their topics and studies on in order to have a greener future. Thse maybe be achieved by incorporating the already existing ideas and making the systems more efficient, along with integrating the new ideas such as spinning cells to make life easier. The hurdles and the land areas of research are also suggested. An effective way to make solar systems more efficient and effective is by using a cone-shaped solar energy harvester that is able to generate over 20 times more electricity than a flat panel via a combination of concentrating lenses, dynamic spin, conical shape, and advanced electronics. These cones are rotating solar panels which loose heat constantly making it more effective and efficient to use. Keywords - solar pannels,renewable energy, sunlight, heat