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Design, Analysis & Testing of Catalytic Converter for Emission Reduction & Backpressure Optimization

In this paper, the development of a catalytic converter for back pressure minimization and efficient emission reduction is presented. Different models of catalytic converter are studied based on different parameters such as cell shapes and sizes, CPSI configuration and inlet cone angle. Also, effect of different types of catalyst with respect to reduction in the emission of HC and CO is studied. The results are presented after performing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) on the proposed catalytic converter. Three different types of catalyst coatings are experimented to choose the optimum one, which include Nickel coated monolith substrate, Copper coated wire mesh and TiO2 coated wire mesh. Gas Analyzer is used to measure the emissions. The results show that corrugated cell shape provides large surface area when exposed to the emission gases. Also, it is seen that converter size has a major effect on the performance of the converter. Finally, Nickel coated monolith structure provides50% HC reduction and 60% CO reduction with minimum pressure drop and maximum turbulence. Index terms - catalytic converter, backpressure, optimization, CFD.