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Skin Cancer Detection using SVM

In todayís modern world, Skin cancer is the most common cause of death amongst humans. Skin cancer is abnormal growth of skin cells most often develops on body exposed to the sunlight, but can occur anywhere on the body. Most of the skin cancers are curable at early stages. So an early and fast detection of skin cancer can save the patientís life. With the new technology, early detection of skin cancer is possible at initial stage. Formal method for diagnosis skin cancer detection is Biopsy method [1]. It is done by removing skin cells and that sample goes to various laboratory testing. It is painful and time consuming process. We have proposed skin cancer detection system using svm for early detection of skin cancer disease. It is more advantageous to patients. The diagnosing methodology uses Image processing methods and Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm. The dermoscopy image of skin cancer is taken and it goes under various pre-processing technique for noise removal and image enhancement. Then the image is undergone to segmentation using Thresholding method. Some features of image have to be extracted using GLCM methodology. These features are given as the input to classifier. Support vector Machine (SVM) is used for classification purpose. It classifies the given image into cancerous or non-cancerous. Keywords - Thresholding, SVM, GLCM, Skin cancer, Classifier