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Web Based Technology in Improving Literacy and Learning Achievements in Arab Countries

The technology of the Internet has made it possible for universities to provide online courses. This paper attempts to investigate the impact of Web-based instruction on students’ learning achievements in students’ computer literacy and in their attitudes towards both the subject matter and computer-assisted learning. Web-based instruction in this study is used as a supplementary learning environment to the normal lecture-based delivery mode, whereby the students meet face-to-face with their instructor once a week throughout the semester, and the Web CT platform was used for both synchronous and asynchronous deliveries of instructional materials and assignments. This is a part of the social networking scenario and the onset of online distance education centers which have mushroomed in the years to facilitate students from anywhere and everywhere to learn. The concept of computer literacy in today’s world has gone though a sea change and so every academic course is now concentrated on web technology to improve the learning achievements of the students. The results have shown that Web-based instruction has a significant impact on students’ computer literacy, as well as on their attitudes toward computer-based learning. Accordingly, recommendations for effective utilization of Web-based learning environments are provided.