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Comparative Analysis and Simulation of Stresses on Different Sections under Different Loading and Machining Conditions

The stress is directly proportional to strain up to yield point particularly in thick walled components. The distortion of components is strongly related to residual stresses induced by manufacturing processes like forming and machining. While removing material during machining, new stress state of equilibrium is established in the component. The product quality and efficiency during manufacturingcan be increased by thorough understanding of stress distribution under different loading and machining conditions.In this work, welded T, I, and L profile sections made of pure aluminium used as test specimens. Grooves were machined to the profiles later and again subjected to various loading conditions and results were obtained. Different loads of 30, 35, and 40kN were applied on purely welded components and machined and welded components.The corresponding pressure distribution results were compared. Key words - Distortion; Finite element method (FEM); Machining; Residual stresses;