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Impact of Stress on Work - Life Balance of Female

In the present comepetitive world, the speed at which change is taking place is certainly overwhelming and breathe taking. In this drastic world of today, no individual is free from stress and no profession is stress free. Everyone experiences stress, whether it is within the family, study, work, or any other social or economic activity. Stress is unavoidable part of life due to increasing workload and complexities in daily life. Stress has become the core concern in the life of everyone, but still everybody desires stress-free life. The educational sector is not an exception to this scenario. Each educational Institution, with the great expectations of the students and their parents, competes with one another for excellent efficiency; phenominal performance and unbeatable uniqueness.Teachers are the most resourceful persons not only for schools and colleges but also for the society. They shape the society through their mighty intervention in the life of students. Teaching is no longer merely hard work; it has become a highly stressful profession. The main obejective of the study is to know how working female faculty manage their work life and family life and also to study the inability to achieve work life balance and the frequency of stress experienced. Data was collected from the female teachers in various colleges in Bangalore. The sample included all teaching positions: lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors. The respondentsí responses were measured by the following Stressors: workload, conditions at work, and relationships with colleagues at work, work with students, work organisation, and social recognition and status. Statistical analysis reveals that the main cause of imbalance of work life balance is heavy work & extent working hours followed by inabilities to prioritise in managing time. Educational Institutions should address the Work Life Balance related issues among their staff, specifically women on the factors like work overload, poor infrastructural facilities, conflict with management and peer, student interaction and inadequate salary.The most among them are inadequate salary and work overload. Feamale teachers work load not only demand their time in the Institution but also extend to their home so as to get prepared for the following day, apart from maintaining student records and attending to various Institution related functional requirements. According to these studies, female teachers with job stress cannot deal with their life positively and it obviously affects their work life. A new and growing world can be built up by young brains and educational Institutions teachers have a major contribution of nurturing, educating and developing these brains. All the above development can only be possible only when, teachers working life and job environment which plays a major role in their life should be improved.