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Using LNS Mac Unit Implementation of Digital Filter Applications

The logarithmic number structure (LNS) is a viable move to deal with address data in VLSI processors since its round-off misstep direct takes after that of floating point calculating. LNS diminish the power spread in banner planning related application, for instance, listening gadget devices, video dealing with and botch control. This paper shows methodology for low power extension/subtraction in the LNS and assesses their impact on cutting edge channel VLSI execution. The proposed frameworks can be connected with co-change based circuits that use interpolators. The results are appeared by evaluating the power dissipating, eccentrics and execution of a couple FIR channel game plans containing one, two or four MAC units. Xilinx ISE is used for the multiplication of put and directed VLSI LNS-based automated. Index terms - LNS, MAC, Addition, Subtraction