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Design and Development of Sliding and Lifting Mechanism of Kitchen Appliances

This paper presents a modified design of slide and lift mechanism kitchen appliances. To slide the drawer of kitchen trolley or cupboard metallic slider can be used and to lift the drawer, tins or heavy goods scissor mechanism base can be used. Therefore, ergonomic design is needed to slide and lift smoothly. Scissor lifting mechanism helps to lift the 10-kg load by 350 to 450 mm from its original position. This lifted height and working principle is studied with the help Creo model and prototype of scissor mechanism developed. The obtained height of the scissor prototype is within ergonomic limits i.e. 431mm. Torque is validated with the help of Recurdyne software. Finite element analysis is used to determine the stresses in various links used of scissor mechanism. Keywords - Drawer, human ergonomic, scissor mechanism, lead screw, motor.