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Power Generation by Piano Staircase

Transforming Sound energy into Electrical Energy as a fun.As in the scenario of life walking is most common activity in day to day life, so in subways, home, colleges and railway station etc. we generally uses stairs or foot over bridges. When a person use stairs he loses some of his energy in stair pad/tread by falling his foot on floor, then this energy can be trapped and converted into some useful form such as electrical energy.My intent is to develop a tactic piano staircase which is nearly new for fun and changeover of energy. In this when the one strip/tread of stair is pressed then produce some audible sound, then this sound frequency is transferred to connected dynamic microphone and to amplifier which amplify the signal frequency up to a limit which we need for a desired output or we can just put the produced audible signal into sound transducer for a desired no of pleasant outputs.