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Water Paucity in Vulnerable Electricity Generation Industry by Energy Type Feed Stock – An Empirical Estimation

Water has become a growing source of tension especially in power sector in many parts of the World. For India hydro and thermal power projects are vital to fall in to the serious electric energy shortfalls that crimp its economy. For this purpose, power stations should pursue to measure the respective power station’s water foot print to better understand the potential of water related exposure. The purpose of this paper was to examine water use estimation at hydel and thermal electric power plants in selected regions i.e. Coastal, Rayalaseema and Telangana regions of Andhra Pradesh using Water Foot Printing Technology for four seasons namely Rainy Season, Winter Season, Summer Season and Post monsoon Season. The outcome of the paper made it is increasingly evident that to produce 1 MW of electricity renewable energy sources (biomass) recorded lesser water foot prints in comparison with hydel and thermal. Therefore water Foot printing methodology was able to address the water scarcity problem in power plants more effectively. The performance assessment of various power stations based on the type of feedstock have been documented meticulously and commendably based on practical field based empirical study.