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Enhancements in MANET Routing Protocols – Survey

Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) as the name signifies is a network formed by a collection of mobile devices (nodes). It is a kind of infrastructure less wireless network which is autonomous and decentralized. One of the main characteristics of Ad-hoc networks is their mobility. Due to the mobility of nodes the problem of routing in MANETs is considered as an important issue. One of the factors that affect routing performance is broadcasting techniques applied in routing protocols. It is reported that improvements possible in broadcasting techniques will enhance the quality of routing protocols such as routing overhead, throughput, energy consumption, packet delivery ratio and end to end delay. A number of more efficient broadcasting techniques are available whose goal is to minimize the number of retransmissions while attempting to ensure that a broadcast packet is delivered to each node in the network. In the proposed work, a detailed study of the existing broadcasting techniques is needed to understand the impact of currently used broadcasting techniques in MANET. The work aims to provide a survey about the works done on the improvement of broadcasting techniques in MANET routing protocols. This improvement is expected to enhance the packet delivery performance and throughput, improve network scalability and reduce the network overhead, energy consumption and end-to-end delay. It is also expected to be a solution to broadcast storm problem Keywords - MANET, Rouiting Potocols, Broadcasting