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Modeling and Analysis of Jacquard Drive System in Power Loom

The Indian textile industry is one the largest and oldest sectors in the country and among the most important in the economy. The jacquard drive system using chain drive is presently used in a Power loom textile machine; jacquard drive system in a power loom is affected by a chain drive system. The problems of chain failure are due to jerky power transfer, vibrations can be addressed to the long length of chain used for jacquard movement. In tune with these issues the objectives of the study is decided to study the failure of existing chain drive system and selection of suitable drive system. One of the solutions to the problem is use of Straight bevel gear as it has high strength & gives smooth teeth engagement which results in quiet operation. This paper also includes design of bevel gear and analysis of it. Index terms - Power loom, jacquard drive system, chain drive, bevel gear.