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The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

The investigations on Overview of domestic violence with special reference to the protection of women from domestic violence ACT, 2005 conducted at Central University South Bihar, Gaya session of 2016-17. After my various studies, I draw a conclusion that domestic violence represents a grave abuse of power in family, trust or dependency relationships. Domestic violence violates the basic rights of people who because of the gender, age, disability or dependence, are most vulnerable to abuse. It can involve killing or physical abuse, economic abuse and sexual assault. It also involves other forms of abusive behavior, such as emotional ill-treatment, financial denial and abuse and neglect. There in our daily life we are also listening various news, reading news paper or magazine; we go through incidents and accidents with women in India. The truth is that in the modern India, the woman has always been a second grade citizen, no matter what its esteemed leaders have said or done. The society has so developed that various types of ill practices, both physical and mental, against women have become a norm since ages. For instance, Sati pratha, Dowry, Parda pratha, Female infanticide, Wife burning, Sexual violence, Sexual harassment at work place, domestic violence and other varied kinds of discriminatory practices; all such acts consists of physical as well as mental element. The reasons for such behaviour against women are many but the most important one are the male superiority complex and patriarchal system of society. Today violence against women is an uncontrollable phenomenon, which is a direct result of the rapid urbanization, Industrialization and structural adjustment programmes, which are changing the socio-economic scenario of our country. For checking such ill activity we have to change our sole and mind in respect of women only then it can completely eradicated, no matter how many rules and regulation were made in favour of women.