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An Innovative Approach to Reconcile Forestry with Economy with Neo Vertical Agro-Forestry

Agronomic productivity is not matching up with the needs of the 21st Century. United Nations asserts India is expected to become the largest country in population size by 2022. Urbanization has been a potential threat to the tree cover and forests. Out of the many problems our paper intends to solve, this is just one. The primary purpose behind the study is to come up with a model that does not sacrifice forestry for economy or vice versa. It is based upon the conception of vertical farming, which refers to the cultivation of crops (or any other vegetation preferred; we chose to primarily grow medium size trees) on vertically stacked levels. In this paper, we present a four storied architectural structure that serves both agroforestry and corporate purposes. A critical assessment of the model is conducted in order to test its economic feasibility. The yields produced by the proposed model are not bounded by limited land, and is hence multiple folds. Every floor has a particular sort of vegetation chosen with tremendous care. The floors simultaneously provide services such as a library, a health improvement centre, an animal husbandry area, a playground and a forest. The building is powered by energy sources such as gravity light, biogas, and solar trees. And, the best part about it is that it can be in your neighbourhood. Keywords - Library, Health Improvement Centre, Animal Husbandry Area, Playground, Forest, Gravity Light, Biogas, Solar Trees