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Do we Need Advanced or Routin Methods to Identify Brucellosis Prevalence and Barriers to Health Access among Animal Handlerin Limited Health Setting in Rural India?

Introduction: Brucellosis is one of the most common zoonotic infections worldwide transmitted to humans by ingestion of unpasteurized dairy goods or through contact with infected animals, placentas or aborted fetuses. Global incidence varies widely from < 0.01 to > 200 per 100,000 populations. In India, theseroprevalence of human brucellosis varies from 0.9% to 26.6 %.Non-interrupt transmission from animal to human is ongoing.Approximately 69% population living in close contact with animal did not have health access and diagnostic lab test for brucellosis in rural health setting in rural India. Method: From August 2016 to November 2017, health camp arranged in Umred Taluka of Nagpur District, 350 animal handlersscreened for field convenient brucellosis lab test – Rose Bengal test [RBT]. Confirmatory ELISA IgG test conducted from RBT positive subjects. The questionnairefilled and written consent taken. Data entered in excel sheet analysed by SPSS [v. 16, English]. Result: Age ranged from 18 to 70 years. 5 [1.47%] ELISA IgG positive; 2 [0.6%] RBT positive and collectively 7 [2%] positive observed for brucellosis. RBT positive test has 71% sensitivity and 100% specificity. For barrier to health access; 284 [81%] not afford to spend money to receive medical aid; 259 [74%] had transportation barrier to reach to health institute; 21[6%] had animal health insurance; 165 [47%] replied that veterinary physician visited the house for animal check up on request. Conclusion: To prevention and control brucellosis, policyrecommendationsto screenpopulationby field convenient test – RBT rather than approaching for anadvance techniquefor brucellosis in government health institutes, increased animal health insurance, veterinary physician visit for ananimals check-up, reduce out of pocket expenditure for thepatient. Field convenient test – RBTrather than advanced technique more helpful to prevent the brucellosis in limited health setting in arural area.