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Contribution to the Study of the Antipyretic, Analgesic Effects of the Essential Oils of Ammodicus Leucotricus (Nessoufa)

The objective of our study is to determine the antipyretic effect of essential oils of Ammodicus Leucotricus. The evaluation of antipyretic power requires the use of batches of wistar rats, a lot undergoes treatment with a hyper-hypertensive substance; compared with a batch treated by injection of the essential oils of the plant, a curve of the variation of temperature during 8 h post injection is traced. The antipyretic effect is evaluated by the placement of the rats on a heating plate set at 50 ° C. c and calculates the number of licking for 5 minutes without and with administration of the essentiel oils. Keywords - Antipyretic, Analgesic, Ammodicus Leucotricus