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Human Capital and Competitiveness of IT Firms

The modern globalized competitive market has compelled the firms to leverage on the workforce as a competitive weapon. A strategy for improving workforce productivity to derive higher value for the firms has become an important task for the organizations. The explosive pickup of the IT industry in the late 1990s has brought many challenges and opportunities to the knowledge industry. The Challenge was in terms of managing the human capital across the firms at different levels. The employee cost incurred in the Software industry has been on the rise. This has become an important factor in influencing the degree of competitiveness as every firm has been offering lots of benefits to its employees in terms of incentives and other measures to upgrade their skills so that they become competitive to contribute towards the organizational success. Amidst the dynamism of demographic dividend of India, the paper focuses on finding the effects of demographic and other factors, training and development programs, etc. on employee’s competitiveness in software industry. Keywords - ITeS, IT, Human Capital, Competitiveness and Salary.