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Relationship between Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Work Autonomy, Safety Climate, Anxiety and Depression and a Research

This study aims to reveal the opinions of health workers regarding organizational behavior variables that can be considered important for health institutions. For this study, a research questionnaire consisting of organizational behavior variables such as perceived stress, emotional Intelligence, work autonomy, safety climate, anxiety, and depression was designed and data were collected by applying the random method to 200 hospital employees. With the help of the obtained data, linguistic validity, reliability analysis and confirmatory factor analysis were performed for each scale. The research model was designed for producing hypotheses and the hypotheses were tested with the structural equality models. The model fit indexes; the RMSEA was calculated as (0.034), the GFI (0.839), the CFI (0.716) and the SRMR (0.0916). The compliance measure values for the model fit indicate that the research model is not within acceptable limits. If the value of the organizational safety climate (SCS) variable increases, the value of the business autonomy variable is lower. In this model, 68% of the variance of business autonomy can be explained. In this model, the work-related strain (WS) variance can be explained by 26%. In this model, the work-related strain (WS) variance can be explained by 43%. In this model Depression (DE) variable can be explained by 23%. This research model was designed with the variables mentioned and limited to practice by only 200 healthcare workers. With this study, attention has been paid to the organizational behavior variables of the hospital management and the contribution to the literature has been made. This study draws attention to the current organizational behavior variables and approaches of human resources managers. To sum up, findings obtained by data analysis revealed that organizations that are considered important for employees (emotional intelligence, perceived stress, safety climate, work autonomy, anxiety and depression) should be taken into consideration by top management. Keywords - Perceived Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Work autonomy, Safety Climate, Anxiety, Depression.