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Relationships between Work Autonomy, Emotional Intelligence and Bigfive and a Research

The aim of this work is to establish relations between the variables such as organizational safety climate, work autonomy, emotional intelligence, smart simplicity and big five model. The Organizational Safety Climate Scale by Neal and Griffin (2006), work autonomy scale by Ilardi, Leone, Kasser and Ryan (1993), emotional intelligence scale by Kenneth, Wong and Song (2004), smart simplicity scale by Sezginer, Günal and Yildirim (2017) and Günal and Yildirim (2017) and big five scale by Donnellan, Oswald, Baird, and Lucas (2006) were included in this study. Between November 2017 and December 2017, 150 health personnel were employed for the questionnaire study applied at the State Hospital. In the research model, emotional Intelligence variable can be explained by 70%, safety climate Scale variable can be explained by 53%, smart simplicity variable can be explained by 33%, and work autonomy variable can be explained by 31%. Moreover, the model is statistically significant (Model fit values; RMSEA (0.065) GFI (0.912) CFI (0.955) and SRMR (0.0560)). Research data is limited by 150 participants. The findings of this research will enlighten the vision of health managers and human resources professionals. Keywords - Safety Climate, Work Autonomy, Emotional Intelligence, Smart Simplicity, Big Five Model.