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Burnout, Safety Climate, Work Autonomy, Emotional Intelligence, Cynicism and Organizational Citizenship Behavior and a Research

The goal of the research is to explain the relations between the variables such as burnout, safety climate, work autonomy, emotional intelligence, cynicism and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Hypotheses which are related to the research model were produced and these hypotheses were tested with the structural equation model. The model fit values such as RMSEA, GFI, CFI, and SRMR shows that the research model findings are statically significant. The research results includes valuable information for the health institution managers and human resources professionals. For the research project, a total of 180 questionnaire participants were analyzed. Survey responses collected in the study were analyzed using SPSS for Windows 22.00 and AMOS 22.0 program. Furthermore, confirmatory factor related to the scales used in the research were performed and Cronbach’s alpha values were calculated. According to research findings, emotional intelligence variable is 57%, Cynical Behavior variable48%, and the burnout variable 75% were explained. Research data is limited by covering few organizational behavior variables and limited participants. This research gives prompt information to the readers and makes contribution to the literature. Keywords - Burnout, Safety Climate, Work Autonomy, Emotional Intelligence, Cynicism, OCB.