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Strategic Agility, Work Autonomy, Communication, Job Safety, Commitment and a Research

The aim of this research is to reveal the opinions of hospital employees on strategic agility, work autonomy, organizational communication, job security and organizational commitment. The research was conducted with descriptive research model. A total of 171 questionnaires were used for the research project and all analyzes were performed using the SPSS for Windows 22.00 and AMOS 22.0 programs. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was performed on the scales used in the study and Cronbach’s alpha values were calculated. Structural equation model was used to test hypotheses. Organizational Commitment variable by 45%, work autonomy by 52% is explained. Moreover, commitment variance is explained by 26%, strategic agility variance is explained by 23%. This research is limited by 171 participants. As a result, health care professionals feel safe in the environment where work safety is provided in health institutions, and their commitment to the institution seems to be increased. Organizational communication and work security have increased in the health institutions and the result of the Strategic Agenda has been reached. Health care workers ensuring correct and regular communication between themselves and their managers and increasing the agility in the health institutions where all the measures are taken in these matters where they work in a safe environment and work accidents and occupational diseases are minimized. The increase in organizational commitment and work autonomy will result in a decrease in organizational communication. Keywords - Strategic Agility, Work Autonomy, Communication, Job Safety, Commitment.