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Relationship between Work Autonomy, Career, Cynicism, Performance, Smart Simplicity and A Research

This research aims to investigate the relationships between the organizational behavior variables such as work autonomy, career, cynicism, performance and smart simplicity. All scales used in the research are taken from the studies in the literature by taking the permission from the authors. By applying some statistical analyzes to the data obtained by questionnaire, reliability and factor analyzes were obtained. Research hypotheses have been tested with the structural equation model. A total of 260 questionnaires including all research scales were applied to the health professionals to gather their perceptions. The collected data have been analyzed. The questionnaires were applied with easy sampling method. The model was statistically significant according to the model fit values such as x2 / df, RMSEA, GFI, CFI and SRMR. The model is limited by 260 participants. In this model, work autonomy (by 25%), smart simplicity (by 61%) and organizational cynicism (by 72%) are explained. As a conclusion, if the value of the Organizational Cynicism variable increases, the value of the performance variable decreases. In this model, performance variability is explained by 45%. This research draw the attention of top managers to the effects of these organizational behaviors variables. Keywords - Work Autonomy, Career, Cynicism, Performance, Smart Simplicity.