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The Perceptions of Erasmus Coordinators about Erasmus Plus Program

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Erasmus Plus Program on internalization as social, economic and political issue by using focus group study. This study was restricted with 6 Erasmus Plus institutional coordinators of different universities, focus group, to find their opinions and perceptions out for the topic of interest. Gathering data process was performed in two phases: Firstly, the questions related with research topic were determined by arbitrary Erasmus Plus program coordinators. Secondly, relevant questions were inquired to the focus group by moderator managing the interviews, lasted 15 minutes for every participants. Also, the same moderator and reporter attended the whole meetings were tape recorded and transcribed as a facilitator and observer. According to the study findings, Erasmus+ grants spent in different fields such as social and economic, contribute to entrepreneurship, employment, intercultural learning and knowledge of the languages. Moreover, different type of mobility has created positive impact on the perceptions of program participants. Keywords - Erasmus Plus, Internationalization, Erasmus Mobility, Focus Group Study.