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Commitment, Personality Traits, Strategic Agility, Achieve Orientation, Job Characteristics, Work Enthusiasm, Workaholic and a Research

In today’s business world, institutions and organizations want to review or change their existing management structures, implementation methods and their structures cause of technological development and increment of competition. Businesses need various organizational variables in order to be able to use, manage and organize their existing resources at the highest level. It was examined the relationships betweenorganizational commitment, big five, strategic agility, achievement orientation, job characteristics, work enthusiasm and workaholic. A questionnaire of 200 security personnel working in the public and private sectors was conducted. A research model was designed from the scales in the literature and the hypotheses obtained were tested with the structural equation model. The research model is statistically significant according to the model fit values namely x2/df, RMSEA, GFI, CFI and SRMR. The model is limited by 200 participants.In addition, reliability analyzes and confirmatory factor analyzes were performed for each research scale.According to the data analysis results, the selected organizational variables affect each other in the positive or in the negative direction. As a result, the higher the affecting variable, the greater the variability in the affected variable. These research findings do not only make contribution to the literature in the field of organizational behavior, but also make contribution to the management styles of managers. Keywords¬ - Commitment, traits, strategic agility, achievement orientation, job characteristics, workaholic.