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Elderly Care, Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Trust, Compassion, Attitudes to Age and a Research

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence, personality traits, organizational trust, compassion, and attitudes towards elderly people. The researchers' universe is composed of 200 elderly care workers working in private elderly care institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy form. As a result of the data analysis, the Emotional Intelligence variable has a positive effect on the Big Five Factor variable. In this model, the Big Five Factor variable can be explained by 32%. Emotional Intelligence change affects Organizational Trust variable in the same way. In this model the Big Organizational Trust variant is explained at 21%. In the model, the Compassion Scale variable affects the Emotional Intelligence variable positive direction and the Big Five Factor variable positively. In this model, Compassion Scale variable is explained by 38%. In the model Attitudes Toward affects the Compassion Scale variable, the Emotional Intelligence variable and the Big Five Factor variable positively in the Old People Scale variable. In this model, the attitudes toward old people scale variant is explained by 44%. Keywords - Elderly care, emotional intelligence, personality, trust, compassion, attitudes to age.