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Optimization of Process Parameter to Improve Dynamic Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed ABS Polymer using Taguchi Method

3D printing is considered as future of manufacturing technology owing to its versatility and ability to convert an idea into real products at a faster pace as compared to other conventional processes. Despite so many promising features, it still lacks in quality of surface finish and strength. The present study deals with investigating the effect of layer thickness, nozzle temperature, infill percentage on dynamic mechanical properties and tensile strength of 3D printed component. Taguchi design of experiment was used to determine the combination of factors and their levels for preparing sample sets and L16 orthogonal array was selected. Grey relational analysis was performed on test results obtained by the DMA and tensile tests. The results show that storage modulus and mechanical damping was greatly affected by infill percentage and least by nozzle temperature. For better dynamic mechanical properties, higher infill percentage and nozzle temperature is advisable. Keywords - DMA; FDM; Grey Relational Analysis; Additive Manufacturing.