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Space Junk Removal along with Antenna Deployment Mechanism

As threat of clash with exclusive satellites, International space station, space probes, spacecrafts and supplementary space substance is increased comprehensively; space debris turns out to be mainly distress area for space pioneers. Remarkable existence of space debris can be majorly found in Low Earth Orbit often known as LEO. As result of which it becomes prior requisite to discover promising solution for removal or mitigation of space debris from LEO. The proposal is to build up device named as De-Orbit mechanism which will make use of exceptionally lean atmosphere available in LEO for removal of space debris. Drag force is governing law behind functioning of this device. In conjunction with De-Orbit mechanism this paper puts a light on promising solution for deployment of communication antenna as well. A deployment mechanism is specially design for work with one dipole and one monopole communication antenna. Keywords - Space Debris, De-Orbit, Space Debris Removal, Antenna Deployment