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Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Wind Turbine Generator to Assess its Reliability and Protection

The wind energy generation, utilization and its grid penetration in electrical grid are increasing worldwide. Injection of the wind power into an electric grid affects the power quality. The wind generated power is always fluctuating due to its time varying nature and causing stability problems. This weak interconnection of wind generating source in the electrical network affects the power quality and reliability. This paper demonstrates the power quality problem due to installation of wind turbine with the grid. In this proposed scheme Static Compensator (D-STATCOM) is connected at a point of common coupling with a battery energy storage system to solve the power quality issues. The D-STATCOM gives reactive power support to wind generator and also load. The battery energy storage is integrated to sustain the real power source under fluctuating wind power. The STATCOM control scheme is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK in power system block set. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme relives the main supply source from the reactive power demand of the load and the induction generator. The proposed system maintains the grid voltage free from distortion and harmonics. Keywords - Power Quality, Wind Generating System (WGS), PI Controller, D-STATCOM.