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Rating System for Sustainable Road

As sustainability increasingly becomes a concern to society, it is in state transportation agencies’ best interests to embrace and adopt initiatives that will both educate their employees and the communities they serve on how transportation systems and system operations can be viewed within such a context. One of the strategies that can be adopted for providing a more sustainable approach to highway design is a “highways rating system.” Adopting a strategy such as the one proposed in our research will enable an agency to compare projects based on sustainability goals and outcomes. Such a rating system can provide several benefits to various departments of transportation. Comparing the ratings of proposed projects during the early programming process may also help in the selection of more sustainably effective and efficient projects. Additionally, a project in the project planning phase could use the green rating criteria to identify those areas where changes in design could result in more environmentally sensitive designs. A Highways rating tool is an important means of fostering an environmental ethic in a transportation agency, one that could become more important in years to come. Keywords - Sustainability, Transportation, Highway, Rating System, Criteria, Environmental.