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Three Phase Induction Motor Operated on Single Phasing Supply

Basically we use DC or AC supply in industrial application. As these two forms of electrical energy are widely applied for various electrical machines. Phase absence is very common problem in any industries, agriculture work. Many times one or two phases may not be live in three phase supply that’s why we face many disturbances in our routine work; therefore lot of damage is caused to electrical appliances. Most of the loads are connected to single phase supply and if the fault occurs in any one of the phases and power is available in remaining phases, in that cases we can not utilize that power. Hence we need to automatically switch from one phase to another, when there is a power failure in any one or all of three phases of power supply. So our purpose is to create a new method i.e. Three phase induction motor operated on single phase AC supply by using electronically controlled capacitor. By using this capacitor we can achieve minimum unbalance of motor phase voltage at all loading condition. Keywords - AC, DC, IGBT, MOSFET, TRIAC