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Life and Achievement of Sheikh Abdullah 1905-1982

Mohd. Abdullah was 25yrs old when he was burst upon the political stage of kmr like a tornado. He was appointed as a teacher in pry. School After he protested against the discrimination because the backward majority community was being discriminated against. This was the fateful decision in his life. Impelled by Allah and by his own intention. His mind began to think not of for educated muslims but in terms of ameliorating the economic conditions of the kashmiris masses. He used his speech to arouse the kashmires from there slumber and organized mamoth gatherings in mosques. Gifted by god with a graceful personality, sonorous voice, power of rhetoric, intimate knowledge of religion and a sincere heart, he was able to away the masses. He delivered fiery speech and identify himself with the plight of the disspossed Muslim of Kashmir. There are many reasons y in the formative yrs of his political career his political ideas had a communal tinge. 1. The majority of the formers 2. The time of his life. He had a typical bourgeois psychology. 3. This reason also suggested at this stage. He come in contact with national leaders with a secular outlook leading the freedom movement outside state. Every year July 13 is celebrated as a martyrs day in the State thousand of Muslims gathered outside the jail one man whose last words were sheikh Sahab we have done our duty. Tell the nation (kashmire's,) that they should now do their duty so that the blood shed today will bear fruitful some day and not go waste. This torch lit today should be kept alive till the nation attains complete freedom. He made a solemn pledge to the dying man that he would not rest till the goal was attained.