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Real Time Human Resource Investment Management using Blockchain based Implementation

Rapid applications of distributed ledgers have revolutionized the way the world envisions keeping track of independent components in an organizational setup. After bringing forth revolution in crypto currency based implementations, block chains have opened up door ways to centralize the workings of every closely related or distantly related components of businesses in order to gain a deep insight into real time workings of organizations at a faster pace than was ever possible. In terms of investment and asset management, it is believed by every management that maintaining and keeping track of human resource investment is a tedious task that requires a constant state of alert and effects every other business decisions. This work provides noble solution to real time human resource investment tracking and management which is based on a distributed ledger and is compatible to receive data from electronic sources. This work also presents novel aspects of considering organizational assets as a whole and provides a soft layer solution to make better workload distribution and in turn help make better business decisions. The implementation of our work can also serve the purpose of identifying individual entities using our proof of work and as a whole contribute to easier human resource management and reduce risks of unauthorized access by using a decentralized architecture that encompasses. Various aspects industrial contributions of an individual employee. Keywords - Blockchain, HR investment, Distributed Ledger, HR Management