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Synthesis and Optical Behavior of Rare Earth Doped Calcium Zirconate Perovskite Phosphors

The single perovskites activated with trivalent rare earth impurities show drastic enhancement of their optical, electrical, thermal and magnetic characteristics. With distinctly amended properties, rare earth doped calcium zirconate (CZO) perovskites are emerging as promising competent for future research and applications. This investigation reports the enhanced optical characteristics of Eu3+ doped and Tb3+ co-doped CZO perovskites. Samples with Eu3+ 1 mole% and Tb3+ (0.5-2 mole%) were synthesized by Solid State Synthesis route. The phosphors show orthorhombic structure with an average crystallite size of 29.44 nm in PXRD analysis. The SEM morphological studies confirm agglomerated and uniformly connected grain distribution in the prepared samples. Characterized by FTIR for functional group analysis, a detailed investigation of molecular activities of synthesized phosphors was done. In the PL spectroscopic analysis, the phosphor gives variable emission in spectral region. An imperative investigation of structural and optical characteristics of synthesized phosphor is done for future display device applications. Keywords - Perovskites; Solid State Synthesis route; Phosphor.