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Modulus of Elasticity of Ferro-cement Slabs with Varying Layers of Mesh Subjected to Flexure

A research project has been undertaken to investigate the role of mesh in slabs. Strength properties such as 28 days compressive strength of mortar cubes are determined before performing the casting of slabs in order to confirm the design mix and characteristic compressive strength of mortar. Nine slabs of 600mm X 600mm and six slabs of 250mm X 250mm are considered for this study, in that nine slabs are tested under two point loading under flexure and six slabs are tested under center point loading flexure test. Three types of slabs are considered i.e. slabs with two layers of mesh, slabs with three layers of mesh and slabs with four layers of mesh. The slab dimensions considered for this study are 600 mm X 600 mm and 250mm X 250mmand all with the thickness of 40 mm. Flexure test is performed using a manually operated hydraulic jack for the application of load, dial gauges are placed at the bottom of slab to record deflections and strain gauges are placed in the sides of the slabs to record strains. Using the experimental data, load – deflection curves and poisson’s ratio of slabs are evaluated. Two point loading flexure test is conducted to know the behaviour of slabs, to obtain load deflection variation and longitudinal & lateral strains. Conclusion are drawn on the basis of experimental results. Keywords - Ferrocement Slabs, Steel Mesh, Flexure Test, Modulus of Elasticity