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Resume Ranking and Performance Appraisal using Predictive Mining and Machine Learning: Talent Management System

The aim of this paper is to provide an automated system for talent acquisition and management. With increasing pressure of final selection amongst the applicants and trainees, it becomes a difficult task to assess the possible candidates using manual procedure of keeping track of their qualities. Thus, the motivation is to make this work automated and to provide a second opinion for better selection process. Moreover, the productivity and profitability of an organization depends upon the performance of the employees. In order to stand out of the crowd one needs to be competent and aware of the various upcoming technologies. This requires that the employer can differentiate between the aspirants on the basis of their capabilities and traits that the company requires as well as provide appropriate skills to the current employees for their overall development and growth.To make this process automated and hence efficient and easy to interpret graphical representation is the best tool that can be used. Keywords - Predictive Mining, Resume ranking, Personality Analysis, Performance Appraisal, TMS, Employee performance, Graphical Representation of Recruitment