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Development of 120W Solid State Broadband Amplifier at 13.56 Mhz

Aim of the project is to develop bipolar transistor based push pull cwrf output amplifier by using MOSFET. The active devices should be operating in common emitter class B mode of operation. The output stage amplifier of more than 120 W output and gain 17dB minimum needs development in the frequency range of 13.56 1MHz. This work includes literature survey, concept, simulation, design, fabrication and testing of the amplifier. The amplifier module must be over current and over voltage protected by using regulated DC power supply. A temperature sensor at the heat sink of MOSFET mounting must be added along with necessary wiring to switch off the DC supply and thereby protecting the device in case of overheating. The ultimately developed amplifier needs testing for the frequency response, power gain, output wave shapes etc. by using a set of appropriate instruments. Keywords - Class B amplifier, RF Amplifier, MOSFET, MRF151.