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An Innovative Approach to Enhance the Nutrition Values of Plants and Herbs in North India Region

In previous two decades, There is a vast growth in the field of technology in agriculture. Utilization of various methods of irrigation is proposed by smart irrigation techniques .In this various methods of drip irrigation is proposed .The farmer is going to maintain crop by remotely monitored embedded system which make them benefit of using water, power(electricity) , money ,man power efficiently .In this approach, the various nutritive parameters for the growth of plants should be keep in mind. So, that we get a healthy nutritious plant this include the ph value of soil ,Conductivity factor of soil, Electrical conductivity, soil temperature should be properly recorded for a proper growth of plants and various herbs used in medicines. This paper review automatic monitoring system using microcontroller with irrigation techniques with a proper nutrition value of plants. Keywords - Nutrition, Electrical Conductivity, Salinity, pH