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Self-Retaining Retractors for Abdominal Surgery

Intra-operative damage due to sharp ended retractors and infection at the incision site due to bacterial invasion are the complications faced by the surgeons during abdominal surgery leading to high morbidity. The plastic sheath self-retaining retractor reduces the risk of surgical site infections to a great extent. It also enhances the performance of abdominal surgeries as second assistant is not required at the operating table providing more freedom of movement to the surgeon. The aim of this study is to compare the plastic sheath retractors with reinforced O-rings and various metal retractors in context with the surgical site infections and other intra-operative damages. Keywords - Self-Retaining Retractor; Abdominal Wall; Caesarean Section; Surgical Site Infection; Ratchet System; Intraoperative Damage; Tamponade Effect.