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Development of Series Hybrid Vehicle with Range Extension System

Automobiles are a necessary evil, while they have made living easy and convenient; They have also made human life more complicated and vulnerable to both toxic emissions and an increased risk of accidents. Urbanization has a strong bearing on the travel demands in the country. Higher incomes, mobility, expanding cities and the proliferation of employment centers have increased the demand for motorized transport, resulting in a disproportionately high concentration of vehicles in urban centers. The aim of this project is to design and fabricate a Gasoline-Electric hybrid 2-wheeler vehicle with a series hybrid topology as greater flexibility, higher efficiency and fewer emissions at the point of use are achieved when an intermediate electric battery, acting as an energy buffer, sits between the electric generator and the electric traction motors. The ICE turns a generator and is not mechanically connected to the driving wheels. This isolates the engine from demand, allowing it to consistently operate at its most efficient speed. Since the primary motive power is generated by the battery, a smaller generator/engine can be fitted as compared to a conventional direct drive engine. Electric traction motors can receive electricity from the battery, or directly from the engine/generator or both. Traction motors frequently are powered only by the electric battery, which can be charged from external sources such as the electricity grid or the generator. The system uses Battery State of Charge (SOC) algorithm by which the performance from batter pack will be monitored by Battery Management System (BMS) to give power efficiently to the traction motors as per driver’s requirements. The power capacity of the battery pack will be based on the motor rating and generator output. This will help to reduce pollution and increase the life of the battery. Also, it helps in noise and emission free operation as per the battery capacity. Objectives is to extend the range, to increase the efficiency, pollution control, Smooth drive-train, off the grid charging, increase in battery life. Keywords - Series Hybrid, Plug-In, Emission, Electric Motor, Efficiency