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Bio Concrete – Self Healing Process

The bacterial concrete is used in stuffing up the cracks developed in structures with the help of bacterial reaction in the concrete after hardening. In modern days, there are various high tech solutions have arisen to optimise construction to a new high level. There are enormous numbers of procedures, methods and materials are available to attain a very good, sustainable and economic concrete in construction field. But still many problems like weathering, cracks, leaks and bending arisesdue to various reasons after the construction.In this article, it isplanned to inculcate bacteria in the concrete for the self-healing process to filling up the cracks. The concrete specimen was designed and casted with respective inoculum in definite proportions. Various tests were conducted to check the efficiency of the concrete specimen to meet the demand and pave a way for economic growth. Hence, it is recommended that inculcating of Bacteria in concrete is an acceptable suggestion in filling up crack through self-healingprocess and the outcomes are comparatively better than conventional methods.