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Analysis of Building using Viscous Dampers in Seismic Zone-V

Nowadays large number of buildings are being frequently prone to the earthquakes and this has highlighted the fact of unawareness in construction of high rise building and it has triggered the concern towards the need for having earthquake resistant buildings. This paper studies about the multi-story regular reinforced building and their vibration parameters. It also deals with the comparison between the seismic behavior of fixed base building without damper to the proposed building in which dampers are linked at different location i.e. at Middle and at Corners.G+10 building is situated in zone V and the analysis is performed on them to obtain the difference in structural response of the fixed RC building without damper and the building incorporated with viscous damper at different locations. Time history analysis is used and done through ETABS 2016. After taking seismic event of India(Sikkim)-Nepal-Border Region into Consideration Story Drift, Story Displacement and Mode periods are some parameters under dynamic loading of RC building that have been studied in this paper. Keywords - Time History Analysis, Fluid Viscous Dampers, ETABS.