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Seismic Behaviour of Tall Building with and without Infill Wall

In general, the masonry infill walls are treated as non-structural element in structural analysis and only the contribution of its mass for is considered and it’s structural parameters like strength and stiffness is generally ignored in practice, such an approach may lead to an unsafe design. The performance of such structures during earthquakes has proved to be superior in comparison to the bare frames. Infill panel behaves like compression strut between column and beam. The IS code provisions do not provide guidelines for the analysis and design of RC frames with infill wall. This paper intends to highlight the need of knowledge on infilled frames and its composite action. Present paper describe the nature of RC frame building with G + 11 storey with masonry infill materials of brick masonry. Completely fill, bare frame, soft storey, multiple opening frame models are studied. Effect on various parameters like base shear, displacement, storey drift etc are taking into account. Infill walls are modelled as pin-jointed single equivalent diagonal strut. All analysis was carried on software Etabs. Result from study conducted have shown that infill walls increases base shear, stiffness while displacement, time period and drift have been reduced. Keywords - Infill Wall, Soft Story, Earthquake Load, ETABS etc.