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An Approach of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Mechanism for AODV over mobile Ad-hoc network

Mobile Ad-hoc network is an open wireless system, a collection of wireless mobile nodes form an arbitrary and non-permanent network. In mobile Ad-hoc network, each node act as hosts but also act as routers. Mobile Ad-hoc network is not more secure to vulnerability. As the infrastructure less network, the mobile nodes send the routing packet to each other in the network through the intermediate nodes, thus, searching and finding a route from source to destination is a very difficult and important task in mobile Ad-hoc network. This paper contains an approach to find and eliminate the black hole attack for mobile Ad-hoc network. In this paper we used a scheme for ad-hoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol to detect and prevent black hole attack using the modified trust value. Keywords - MANET, AODV, Black hole, Modified Trust Value