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Performance Evaluation of Duobinary RZ and NRZ Technique in 16 Channel WDM Systems

Here, 16-channel WDM system is designed and compared for different modulation formats such as duobinary RZ and duobinary NRZ formats. The different performance parameters of the system are analyzed including eye diagram, optical Spectrum, BER, Q factor, etc. for these modulation formats. The 16-channels WDM optical system has transmission rate of 10 Gb/s and 50 GHz channel separation, has been compared. The results depict that the duobinary NRZ performs better than that of duobinary RZ as the fading problems due to nonlinearities and fiber dispersion arises in duobinary RZ. Also, duobinary NRZ technique offers an improvement in terms of lower BER ratio and high Q factor as compared to RZ duobinary technique. Keywords - Duobinary, Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), Return to Zero (RZ) and Non-Return to Zero (NRZ), Bit Error Rate (BER).