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Comparative Analysis of Predictive and Conventional Hysteresis Current Control Scheme for Shunt Active Power Filter

This paper presents a comparison of predictive and conventional hysteresis current control scheme for 415V, 50 Hz grid connected three-phase shunt active power filter employing instantaneous active-reactive power theory for reference current generation. The emphasis of this work is to control the compensating current without providing physical limits of hysteresis band and minimize the switching frequency of inverter. The operating conditions and mathematical calculations for predictive hysteresis control scheme is also presented here. Extensive simulations validate that PHBCC scheme improves power quality by reducing THD to the minimum value, reduces the rating of SAPF than FHBCC scheme and simultaneously makes the power factor almost unity. Keywords - Fixed Band Hysteresis Current Control(FBHCC), Predictive Hysteresis Band Current Control(PHBCC), Shunt Active Power Filter(SAPF), Total Harmonic Distortion(THD).