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Track ‘N’ Sense – Bluetooth based Cargo Environment Sensing

The customer’s satisfaction is the main thing that the industry is looking forward to make sure that their items and contents are being used by many and marketed properly. Thus it is required to prove any special care that was to be taken by the service providers. One such Industry is the Cold Chain Logistics Company. With these companies a lot of things including Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plants, Food Items and perishable goods are transported every day. These items are temperature sensitive and can change their properties if not preserved properly in the controlled environment. Currently the customer has to only believe the transporter, but does not have any proof incase the environment was not maintained properly. For the transporter it helps to maintain goodwill and to provide proof of quality of transportation environment encountered by the cargo to the customer, using the Track ‘N’ Sense. It also improves customer satisfaction. Primarily Temperature and Humidity needs to be controlled by the Transporter so that these perishable products have longer life and retain their original properties. Sensors actively monitor the transport conditions and store the readings on an on-board EEPROM. At the end of the transit the contents from the EEPROM can be transferred to the User’s PC. The system will also house a Bluetooth module to perform these tasks. Keywords - Track ‘N’ Sense Device, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Bluetooth, Cargo Environment, Cold Chain Logistics, Perishable Goods, EEPROM, Cargo Monitoring.